EXHUMED: X__X 'Sticky Fingers' LP

by Stainzer Prohmdrez

posted Tuesday Aug 19th, 2014

At this point, Ohio proto punk GODS the electric eels really need no introduction, but their lesser-known off-shoot X__X, or Ex Blank Ex, has just recently had their first turn at an official reissue after releasing two earth-moving singles on Cleveland's epic Drome Records in the late 1970s. Featuring the eels' John Morton on guitar, The Mirrors' Andrew Klimeyk, and Anton Fier on drums, later of Pere Ubu, The Feelies, etc. X__X were a full-throttle art terror troupe with nothing to lose in the grip of punk's peak of popularity, and their ensuing singles bridged the ...

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PREVIEW: Lover! Talbot Adams, MAMA

by Dutra Scanlon
This monkey knows how to PARTY
This monkey knows how to PARTY
posted Thursday Aug 14th, 2014

That icky and sticky Power Pop honey you’ve been craving will be DRIPPING from the ceiling of Cole’s Bar this Saturday night August 16th! Legendary Southern power pop monsters Lover!, and Talbot Adams will be joining Chicago’s MAMA to perform their sexiest hits for FREE – wet-knaps not included! It might be a little dirty, and it might be a little sweet, and maybe they put the moves on too fast (admit it you LOVED IT) – but you definitely won’t regret getting your filthy mind stuck on the punk rhythms, come-hither vocals, and ...

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by Diamond Boyz

posted Monday Aug 11th, 2014

Fresh off their SECOND whirlwind tour of Japan, COZY are headed back to the American shores and we couldn't be more excited to welcome them back to land of denim britches and heavy rock, so it's with great excitement that we are providing a premiere today for the least innocent of the COZY songs we've heard so far, the beyond risque, blush-inducing and oh-so seam-bursting smash hit, "Sidepiping!" We're not exactly sure how "Sidepiping" translated to the legions of weeping Japanese fans, but we do know that back here in America, all it sometimes takes is a throbbing ...

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SUNDAY MATINEE: 'Get Crazy' (1983)

by Todd Killings
Possibly the GREATEST Rock'n Roll movie of ALL TIME
Possibly the GREATEST Rock'n Roll movie of ALL TIME
posted Sunday Aug 10th, 2014

Welcome once again to the Sunday Matinee on VoT, and this week we are bringing you one of the brightest gems of American cinematic achievement during the punk era, and a film so chock full of great moments and good times you probably wouldn't even believe it exists. I mean, how many other movies star Lou Reed in a speaking role, creating a song on the spot and singing it throughout the whole film? And who knew The Doors' John Densmore was such a party animal? And the concept of the Reggie Wanker character is enough to make Hollywood hang ...

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Aussie Sounds: WONDERFULS

by Todd Killings

posted Friday Aug 8th, 2014

This installment of the Aussie Sounds series goes to the ethereal, lofty sound of Wonderfuls from Brisbane, who emblazon an 'against the grain' stance of not using drums, and yet still manage to captivate listeners into a hazy world of inner reflection and true grit of the uglyiness around them. The angelic, echoing arrangements show such a delicate, harrowing tone in each song, you might wonder if the songwriter, Bobby Vagg was on the verge of a mental breakdown, and if that's not an essential ingredient for real music, I really don't know what is. With a darkness ...

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LANDFILL: How to Dress Well

by Tony Visconti

posted Tuesday Aug 5th, 2014

Welcome to the new recycling section of VoT where we offer divisive insight to the world of mainstream drivel being passed off as "Indie Rock" to the brainwashed masses, and boy are you in for a treat! But please don't think this is going to be some great dissection of this soul-baring guy thinking he's onto something new in any way, shape, or form, this is all about the reality of what makes this artist so much better than 88% of the other people making music today. How does that feel? This encouragement is exactly what makes us weak as ...

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BREAKING SOUNDS: NONES Midwestern Family Values debut LP

by Todd Killings

posted Monday Aug 4th, 2014

Chicago is luckily a large enough city to engulf a multitude of polarizing bands, and one of the best and most ominous of the darker side of the spectrum is the powerhouse known as NONES. Originally forged as an exact opposite blueprint of the archetype female-fronted punk group, this band is a fully-BACKED female force of contention with one deranged and sufficiently blurred frontman slashing forth and breaking the stereotype into micro shards of glass you will never be able to completely pick out of your fine upholstery. As far away from the over-flogged “garage” tagged sound as ...

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SUNDAY MATINEE: 'Mazes and Monsters' (1982)

by Todd Killings

posted Sunday Aug 3rd, 2014

Welcome back to yet another thrilling episode of the VoT Sunday Matinee, this week featuring the cult classic 'Made-for-TV' film warning of the dangers of Dungeon & Dragons-style role playing games in the early 1980s, Mazes and Monsters starring a young and very psychologically vulnerable Tom Hanks in a post-Bosom Buddies drama you need to see to believe. You just don't get to see Tom Hanks hallucinate enough, NOW DO YOU? Based on the novel by Rona Jaffe, this CBS movie tackled the rising fears associated with the growing popularity of role-playing fantasy games aimed at teenagers in an intense, ...

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TRACK PREMIERE: The Yolks "I'm Going Down"

by Diamond Boyz

posted Wednesday Jul 30th, 2014

Chicago's "Kings of Awesome" are back with their sophomore LP bearing that exact title, and we have a special treat for you today, with a track premiere for their risque and downright "RANDY" track "I'm Going Down." If you've been hovering around the good times in Chicago for the past 10 years you'll no doubt have some bruises on your heart from The Yolks amazing live shows, where they seamlessly interplay brooding early 60s doo-wop style melodies with party-soaked mid 60s frat rock to no end. As any fan of theirs knows, they went dormant for a short ...

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PREVIEW: Dead Native, Hollow Mountain, Le Tour

by Ald. Dan Rostenkowski

posted Wednesday Jul 30th, 2014

We welcome you to another thrill-filled evening at Door #3 in the most dangerous section of Wicker Park in Chicago! Tonight we've scoured the gritty city for another round of bands guaranteed to stain your socks and send you home in a box, and you know how much you love going home in a box. First up, we have Le Tour who have just completed recording their debut LP after a knockout series of demos and live shows, and their delicately wrangled pop will echo loud and clear throughout your earholes, so try not to get too "faced" ...

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SUNDAY MATINEE: 'Bronco Bullfrog' (1969)

by Todd Killings

posted Sunday Jul 27th, 2014

Welcome back to another installment of the Sunday Matinee film series on VoT! Today we have a special treat from late 60's London spotlighting the fledgeling Suedehead/skinhead scene called Bronco Bullfrog. The film was an extremely low-budget project, enlisting street people and/or thugs in the acting roles, with no formal training, as to keep it's gritty, realistic feel intact. So much so that these "actors" even stole equipment from the set, jeopardizing it's completion! But the real eye-opener in this rare UK film is the appearance of Audience, the pre-punk art rock band fronted by later maligned Dangerhouse recording artist ...

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PREVIEW: The Man, Make-Overs, Hollow Mountian, Son of A Gun

by Pat Sullivan

posted Thursday Jul 24th, 2014

There are shows, and then there are shows. Friday July 25th at Moe's Tavern will most certainly be one of the shows that is spoken about in hushed tones in future days. When they write the annals of this time, we can guarantee you its authors will see this show as one of our times key happenings. South African sensations, the Make-Overs are going to start things off with their HOZAC RECORDS-approved attack, bringing to mind the most fuzzed out noise punk of the 1980s. They would been a perfect opener for Pussy Galore at Maxwells in 1988. ...

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TRACK PREMIERE: Liquid Diamonds

by Todd Killings
LIQUID DIAMONDS 1973 Archival debut 7
LIQUID DIAMONDS 1973 Archival debut 7"
posted Tuesday Jul 22nd, 2014

As time passes, the legitimacy of Sonny Vincent's repertoire just grows stronger and more impressive with each new unearthed segment of his seminal years. As you will undoubtedly recall, the issue of the debut 7" from FURY as the first release in the HoZac Archival series in late 2012 was just the starting point, as here we have uncovered an even lesser-known band during those uncategorizable early/mid 70s years when so many styles of "underground rock" were interweaving. Sonny's incredible recollection of these early years in his career are mind blowing, and the fact that he's been able to hold ...

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Aussie Sounds: The Stabs

by Richie Dagger
The Stabs
The Stabs
posted Friday Jul 11th, 2014

Of all the congruent shades of din echoing throughout the modern hotbed of the Australian Underground, the gloomy, pummeling force of The Birthday Party/Moodists/Scientists can never be cleanly scrubbed out, and even as the tentacles of innovation and diversification extend themselves ever-so-effortlessly into new realms of new generations, the soiled stains still remain. The Stabs are part of that contingent, yet not impersonators by any length, they reduce their noise to a reptilian crawl, digging deeper into your psyche with each repetitive, grueling thump, and laying waste to the minions in their wake. With a string of releases ...

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VIDEO FEED: The Undertones 'Here Comes the Summer' BBC Documentary

by Stainzer Prohmdrez
The Undertones circa 1978
The Undertones circa 1978
posted Monday Jul 7th, 2014

It's already summer and the pressure is ON for you to get the most out of it, I mean who wouldn't be disappointed in you for not going to the beach every day, or constantly eating popsicles, right? Well this week on the VoT Video Feed we have another choice, rarely seen and super HQ, official BBC documentary on one of the top-rated bands of Summer, late 70s Irish power pop legends, The Undertones. For a band that's sadly not as well known in the US as they truly should be, the Undertones had numerous TV appearances in ...

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BREAKING SOUNDS: Watery Love 'Decorative Feeding' LP

by Diamond Boyz

posted Thursday Jul 3rd, 2014

Philadelphia's throbbing thugs, Watery Love, have effectively kicked the door down with this debut LP, echoing back to the nasty-caked mid 90s In The Red roster, chock full of Necessary Evils, Hospitals, and Cheater Slicks, and bringing the east coast Richie/TestosterTunes party crashing into full view. From the first needle drop to the last agonizing riff, the levels of discomforting death knells churn forth repeatedly, building one Flipper-fueled nightmare after another, burying their "Competing Odors" deep into your nasal cavity, causing instant elevation to their form of irritation. But just because of your mild uneasiness, doesn't mean Watery ...

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EXHUMED: CRIME 'Murder By Guitar' LP

by Todd Killings

posted Wednesday Jul 2nd, 2014

One of the most elusive punk bands of the 70s, CRIME, finally got their due in the early 2000s with a proper, accessible reissue of their most well known material in the form of the San Francisco's STILL Doomed LP on Swami Records, but as time passed, it came to be realized that this wasn't actually complete, and that even more material had surfaced. But studio tracks such as the often maligned 3rd single "Maserati" b/w "Gangster Funk" as well as "Terminal Boredom" and demo cuts like the killer slow-burner, "TV Blue" are all coming to the surface ...

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by Tony Visconti

posted Monday Jun 30th, 2014

As COZYmania continues to sweep the heartland of America after blinding the UK ravers for the last few years, the glossy lads have decided to stop the beating hearts of bubblerock-obsessed teen-agers across the globe and release a new 7" single, two devastatingly pure pop cuts which you won't be able to stop dancing to, and that's OK! You might even feel a little "funny" when those thunderous drums take hold of your hips, and those gummy vocals take hold of your lips and that's OK too! For a band that delivers an upper-respiratory knockout performance every night, wowing fans ...

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SUNDAY MATINEE: 'Tilt' (1979)

by Todd Killings

posted Sunday Jun 29th, 2014

"The tough and tender saga of the pinball princess who was hard to beat -- and easy to love." "Us truck drivers were the first dopers in America, don't forget that!" "My boy here is a great artist, how do you think a star is born?" "Look you gotta prove they're born, listen man we've got 50,000 kids coming in here, smokin', druggin', snortin', freakin' out. You think they're gonna sit still for a hick on a guitar?" The "dim bulb" that is one of the first pinball exploitation films of the late 70s (along with the stone classic, 'Pinball ...

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Aussie Sounds: The Lost Domain

by Todd Killings

posted Friday Jun 27th, 2014

Our next installment in the Aussie Sounds series, devised to occupy your brain with the sublime and rejuvenating noise emanating from the cup runneth over that is the underground Australian scene, comes from Brisbane audio heathens The Lost Domain, who have been kicking up the digital dust for quite some time now, with releases dating back to the early 2000's on various formats. Featuring drummer Ian Wadley from notable underground act, Bird Blobs, The Lost Domain exist in a parallax view of a textured sound landscape, barbed with jagged waves of feedback and vertigo, a major reason for ...

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PREVIEW: Son of A Gun, The Wet, Gravity Waves

by Ald. Dan Rostenkowski
posted Thursday Jun 26th, 2014

Tonight at Door #3, the newest basement party spot in the puke-stained heart of your good times, Wicker Park, join the VoT staff for another skull-softening evening of raw realism, presented in musical form, especially not for the faint of groin or heart. The Chicago label collective BOCRL has assembled another night of heady goodness for only a measly $5 cover and complete with a $3 beer special, and you thought this was Wrigleyville? Don't miss the incredible "SEX ROOM" as well, which used to be the backstage area when The Rolling Stones played DD in 1996, now converted into ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Kim & Leanne "The Science Test"

by Todd Killings

posted Tuesday Jun 24th, 2014

Australian punk legend Kim Salmon hasn't really ever slowed down in his undying thirst for the hideous throb, and after his recent accolades fronting the original Scientists lineup a few months back, his newest project, Kim & Leanne is creeping up to the surface with a video for one of the upcoming LP's standout tracks, "The Science Test." With it's excellent stop-motion animation style, this video brilliantly reiterates the modern primitivism Kim Salmon has been known for, going on 40 years into his career now. The first LP from Kim & Leanne, True West will be hitting the ...

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SUNDAY MATINEE: 'Out of the Blue' (1980)

by Todd Killings

posted Sunday Jun 22nd, 2014

Welcome once again to the Sunday Matinee on VictimofTime.com, we've got a great treat for you all this fine afternoon, featuring one of America's greatest actors, Dennis Hopper in his brush with Punk culture in the seldom-seen Canadian film from 1980, Out of The Blue. The film centers around teen-aged Cebe, a girl with an obsession with Punk Rock and Elvis, who is the daughter of ex-con Hopper, and features live footage of Vancouver punk/powerpop legends The Pointed Sticks in their only major motion picture appearance. The tag line "Her Dad's in prison, Her Mom's on drugs, and ...

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PREVIEW: Dark Mofo Festival in Tasmania

by Todd Killings

posted Friday Jun 20th, 2014

Tomorrow in Hobart, Tasmania is an underground gathering of synth-heavy Australian acts that's going to be looked back at historically as one of the pivotal events of this era. As part of the Dark Mofo Festival spanning this entire week, heavy hitters of the noir-punk world are congregating in a glorious din of mesmerizing reverberations, including the likes of Total Control, HTRK, The Native Cats, Kirin J. Callinan, and Nun, along with many others of their kindred ilk. For a week-long festival in such a remote part of ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Thunders 'Born Pregnant'

by Robyn Banks
posted Wednesday Jun 18th, 2014

Thunders just kicked off the first few nights of their tour and sent us their latest video. We didn't know most of these things existed on the Internet but found footage vids are usually the best (even better when you're "alone and stoned" with an entire cheeseburger pizza from Papa John's on your lap (have you tried that yet because it's amazing). Anyway, they've been described as sleezy, gritty, 80's psych, and scuzzy so that means they're almost like Nirvana? Just kidding that's crossing a line. Is Thunders coming to a city near you? Find out below! June ...

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TOP of the SLOP: Gross Pointe

by Steve Wichelecki

posted Monday Jun 16th, 2014

One of the newer groups to crop up in the Chicago scene, Gross Pointe was made known to me through Animal Kingdom's Tuff + Rumble Vol. 1 mix tape. The song was "Feelin' Alright," a scrappy, poorly recorded number - raw and snarling, loaded with snotty, pissed-off attitude. It is rock 'n' roll punk rock in its rawest, purest, most juvenile form. Needless to say, I instantly fell in love. "The name Gross Pointe is an homage to the bottom of the barrel," says guitarist, vocalist and brains of the operation Michael Santana. "[It's] that sort of helpless ...

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SUNDAY MATINEE: 'Cotton Candy' (1978)

by Todd Killings
Cotton Candy (Made for TV, 1978)
Cotton Candy (Made for TV, 1978)
posted Sunday Jun 15th, 2014

Welcome to another mind-blowing new aspect to Victim of Time, the SUNDAY MATINEE series, where we dig up some of the greatest obscure films, and in this case, a Ron Howard-directed Made-For-TV movie that has slipped through the cracks, and still holds some impressive cinematic moments in the field of trash and rock'n roll. The power pop hits the band churns out on stage are worth your time alone, but the subtle nuances of the era will keep you coming back, just keep your eye on Clint Howard's teeth. Cotton Candy is a great TV movie from 1978 that shows ...

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A Tale of Two Gizmos

by Brett Cross

posted Friday Jun 13th, 2014

The Gizmos are back, guys! Last night the old gang: Kenneth Highland, Eddie Flowers, Ted Niemiec, and Rich Coffee, along with Max Demata from Sonic Daze, John Terill from Dancing Cigarettes and Ian Brewer from the Panics, busted out of the time-casted shadows to blow the monitors out from the confines of The Bishop in Bloomington, Indiana Their lineup revealed that not only was this a well sewn reunion for the Gizmos, but also a who's who in early Indiana punk that centered around Gulcher Records and fanzine. Some of these dudes hadn't seen each other in 37 ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Cretin Stompers 'Adult Child'

by Todd Killings

posted Friday Jun 13th, 2014

Cretin Stompers landed in our lap on an other-worldly afternoon one day, sent directly from the future and completely ready to bury your past and everything you’ve ever held dear. Not even a fully formed embryo upon their first recording, the interstellar project began as a long-distance collaboration between past members of the ethereal Barbaras, Magic Kids, Boston Chinks, (and later, Jay Reatard Band/Wavves) in Memphis, and their mysterious cohort, (who had never been met or even spoken to while making the record!) BIG MUFF RADIO, living up north in Brooklyn, and has reached it’s fully-developed final mutation ...

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by Todd Killings
The TROGGS are the BEST
The TROGGS are the BEST
posted Thursday Jun 12th, 2014

If you ever were under the normal assumption that males could not give birth, and that the female gender was the only side privvy to this glorious natural occurrence, then please pull up a chair my dear children and let's get you acquainted with one of the greatest musical creations of the 1960s, The Troggs. Composed of four modest gentlemen from Andover UK, The Troggs crawled up from the primordial ooze in 1964 as Reg Presley, Pete Staples, Ronnie Bond, and the name that's still sadly not a household one, guitarist Chris Britton, and created a new savage ...

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PHOTO BOMB: HoZac Blackout Fest 2014 Day 2

by Todd Killings

posted Wednesday Jun 11th, 2014

Friday of the 2014 HoZac Blackout Fest was already cause for alarm, with the show selling out way in advance with the word on the streets about The Boys hitting the airwaves. Never was expected such an epic band of the first 70s wave of punk to grace this festival, but in the 11th hour, the trigger was pulled. Kicking off the night were Chicago's most savage CEO pricks, The Man who decimated and redistricted the fuck out of the crowd, implementing zoning laws and miles of red tape in gutteral blasts of executive smashings. Next up was ...

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Aussie Sounds: Blank Realm

by Brett Cross

posted Tuesday Jun 10th, 2014

Blank Realm are a band of siblings, three of them bound by their DNA: Daniel, Luke and Sarah Spencer; and Luke Walsh who is their brother from another mother, and their guitarist. The band came together in a Brisbane suburb in 2005, and in their early years they honed in on noisy, psych-damaged experimentation, consistently abstracting any sounds they could wring from their equipment. Throughout the years, Blank Realm have amalgamated into a sound that is much different than what they originally transmitted during their earlier inception. Today their tunes bring to light the intersection between glorious and ...

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BREAKING SOUNDS: THE MAN Carousel of Sound debut 7" EP

by Ald. Dan Rostenkowski

posted Wednesday Jun 4th, 2014

ARE YOU WIRED TO GET HIRED? Let’s get this straight, nobody likes to be pushed around by The Man. With all of the corporate involvement in the music industry these days, it’s finally time to grab those smug CEOs and thrust them onstage and see what comes out when you really stick ‘em. And nothing is more satisfying, both financially and fiscally responsible, than to let THE MAN do their thing, because they will walk all over you and you will love every minute of it. With a panicky/riveting/down-sizing guitar crunch, merging with the heavy dose of anxiety-riddled ...

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BREAKING SOUNDS: Flesh Panthers Debut 7"

by Steve Wichelecki

posted Saturday May 31st, 2014

Chicago's favorite party band has made its rip-roaring vinyl debut with this melancholy yet reckless self-titled 7", a four-song offering loaded with loss, desire and drinking. Flesh Panthers is street punk rock 'n' roll put through a blender—melodic leads wind through a snarling rhythm guitar, fuzzed out bass and in-the-red lyrics. Boisterous backing vocals marked by plenty of yelping and yelling add to the sonic frenzy, evoking the house-party vibe that so often accompanies the band's gigs. The B-side's "Charged Hair" definitely delivers the fury, a howling ripper barreling like an out-of-control train toward an imminent wreck. Check out ...

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INTERVIEW: Tony Molina at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago

by The Mudcat

posted Friday May 30th, 2014

Tony Molina's breakout album, "Dissed and Dismissed" (2013) was originally released on the Melters imprint, the album is equal parts "Pinkerton", with all the lyrical sylopism of the original, and equal parts Iron Maiden, with powerful, riffing metal breakdowns that border on hyperbole. Most songs clock in under the two-minute mark, with a signature pop arrangement that garnered the attention of such giants as Slumberland Records, who repressed the album this year, and Matador, who released the "Six Tracks EP" as part of their vaunted and ongoing singles series, "Singles Going Home". The name is taken from a song by ...

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PHOTO BOMB: HoZac Blackout Fest 2014 Day 1

by Todd Killings
Counter Intuits at HoZac Blackout Fest 2014, photo by Stan Golovchuk
Counter Intuits at HoZac Blackout Fest 2014, photo by Stan Golovchuk
posted Thursday May 29th, 2014

This year's ever encompassing HoZac Blackout Fest reached a fever pitch like never before, with this being it's 10th year, and raising the roof for the seventh year at the Empty Bottle for three nights of the best underground music you can find in one weekend in the Midwest. With such incredible headlining acts (that you'd never see at other festivals) in recent years such as Redd Kross, Chrome and Nervous Eaters and Dwight Twilley, this year's cavalcade of talent was just as unmatched and pulled in another massive crowd of punk fanatics from across the globe. Thursday's annual Blackout ...

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PREVIEW: The Rubs, The Sueves, and Gross Pointe at Door #3

by The Mudcat

posted Tuesday May 27th, 2014

This Thursday, May 29, HoZac Records and The Benevolent Order of Chicago Record Labels are hosting a slate of bands guaranteed to satisfy your hankerings for fun and friction. Chicago's The Rubs, The Sueves, and Gross Pointe are set to blow the doors off Door #3, a new venue in the basement of the existing Double Door that is more reminiscent of a house space than venue. Noisy, eccentric garage-punk is the hallmark of the sound of Chicago's The Rubs. With a demo tape out on cassette masterminds and fellow BOCRL members Why Pick on Me?, the ...

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Shocked Minds: Hangin' at Mike's House

by Robyn Banks

posted Wednesday May 21st, 2014

After the shitshow that was Saturday night at HoZac’s Blackout Fest, I hopped in a car with Shocked Minds because why not. To sum up the experience: they ate my lip gloss and didn’t laugh at my amazing jokes (What’s the difference between a Greyhound bus station and a shrimp with big tits....?), but they always lit my cigarette like the true NYC-via-Atlanta gentlemen that they actually are. Epicycle was played, an Oblivians record on repeat, the late and great Jay Reatard rounded off the soundtrack of the night-now-morning. I really didn't want to see the sun rise, ...

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VIDEO FEED: Dictators on Jabberwalk 1976

by Todd Killings

posted Saturday May 17th, 2014

If you're the type of guy, who's into getting high on a Friday afternoon, then we have a real treat for you here. As we all know, the massively influential punk pioneers, The Dictators are headlining the 2014 HoZac Blackout Fest this year and what we've dug up, courtesy of Frankie Foodpoisoning is the extremely rare "Documentary" on the seedy American underbelly, Mondo Cane-style, entitled 'Jabberwalk" which features The Dictators in their full glory at the 1976 Ms. All Bare America pageant. Yes you will need to see this to believe it, that's for certain. And if that's ...

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by Dutra Scanlon

posted Thursday May 15th, 2014

Six Million Years Ago Today... A message was seen traveling through space... Transcending time... Moving faster than the speed of light... Breaking the sound barrier... This message was known as THE FUTURE LANGUAGE... And we are here to deliver this message to you NOW... LONG LIVE HEAVY METAL! Then, like a no wave rocket ship headed straight for your head, Von LMO and his band of time traveling, interplanetary rock-mongers launch into the funkiest throw down Downtown Manhattan has produced since James Chance and the Contortions were at their ugliest and heaviest, commencing lift off on Von LMO’s first ...



by Todd Killings

posted Tuesday May 13th, 2014

“Oh Rickie you took my razor blaaade, Oh no now how am I gonna playyy…” One of the greatest west coast punk singles of the first wave is back in print and ready to smash your party right in your face. Former stripper Mary Monday had a life shrouded in mystery, and conflicting reports in the historic documentation as to the band and Mary’s origins are still baffling punkologists to this day, including her mysterious death a few years after this single’s release. As legend goes, she arrived in San Francisco from Vancouver in 1976 with green hair and put ...

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BREAKING SOUNDS: Slushy - Pastime Gardens LP

by Steve Wichelecki

posted Friday May 9th, 2014

After the worst winter of all our lives, the golden sun of summer is again rising over Chicago, its warm rays sweeping over the land and emanating from your speakers—if you're spinning 'Pastime Gardens' on your stereo. The first album from Windy City duo Slushy, this collection of glittering, top-down tracks evokes images of beaches, waves and bikini-clad babes. Its reverb-laden, two-minute pop rippers are marked by gritty guitars that jangle along to the thump of a kick/snare rhythm section and lively lyrics of songs with names like "Summertime Girls" and "Fun in the Sun." While Slushy's past ...

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VIDEO FEED: Dr. Feelgood LIVE 1975

by Todd Killings
Dr. Feelgood 1975
Dr. Feelgood 1975
posted Tuesday May 6th, 2014

If you've heard the name Dr. Feelgood and the first thing that pops in your mind is the Motley Crue song, well, then this post is definitely for you. Formed in the early 70s and one of the most visible/well-known band of the pre-punk "pub rock" movement, Wilko Johnson & the gang steamrolled their choppy punk rhythms into a glam rock-soaked UK music scene and left an indelible mark on the early sound forged with the first round of punk bands that still hasn't been washed out. I'll never forget reading about the Ramones first trip ...

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BREAKING SOUNDS: Obnox - Louder Space LP

by Brett Cross

posted Thursday May 1st, 2014

I think they must have a statue in Ohio dedicated to Lamont “Bim” Thomas. There are few out there like Bim, he’s a prolific mutherhumper who’s been at it since the early 90s with the Bassholes, more recently This Moment in Black History, and Puffy Areolas and his venom is just as potent now as it was then. His newest gig is called Obnox, under which he’s already cut a handful of singles and a couple of albums, one of which is a double LP. The dude isn’t much for sitting still. Mr. Thomas ...

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PREVIEW: WEED at Animal Kingdom

by Max Green 18

posted Friday Apr 25th, 2014

Fuzzed-out and insistent, WEED'S first full-length Deserve is refreshing and relentlessly catchy. The four-piece, Vancouver-based outfit behind the loaded moniker makes music that — for all of its waves of feedback and aggressive tonal quality — seems determined to never lose sight of pop sensibility. Much of Deserve’s charm is in the lower-fidelity sound of its production and the reverb-drenched vocals that drawl over upbeat rhythms. WEED has released a highly listenable album that is at turns mellow and endearingly chaotic, with hooks to spare. Get an earful of WEED at Animal Kingdom this Monday, April 28th with

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TRACK PREMIERE: Spike & The Sweet Spots

by Robyn Banks

posted Wednesday Apr 23rd, 2014

We’ve been waiting for fucking forever for Spike & The Sweet Spots to finally record something – and here it finally fucking is. Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, the exclusive, world premiere of their hit song “Black & White." The Sweet Spots expect to have a five-song EP up somewhere on the fucking Internet shortly, but catch them tomorrow night at Township with James Swanberg, American Breakfast, and Zoo Brother.

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by Todd Killings

posted Monday Apr 21st, 2014

Chicago's Toupeé are a twisted, writhing, lecherous, and lumbering explosion of unsettling and invigorating noise. With a drifting post punk backdrop that encapsulates some of the farthest reaches of contrasting sound, their ability to straddle such a range of delicate tone with venomous vocals is just as intimately polarizing as you might imagine. A strangulated riff, punched repeatedly that continues to worm its way inside you, Toupeé are that rare flightless bird that has evolved to devour the young at heart and continue to confound scientists with their uniquely unpredictable, moody and intense sonic delivery. From heavenly hushed ...

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INTERVIEW: The Goose is Loose: Poppin’ Off with Audacity

by Robyn Banks

posted Thursday Apr 17th, 2014

(Audacity are in the midst of a 27-date “Panda Express” tour with The Coathangers. I got to hang out with them all night when they played at the Empty Bottle on April 11th. Their tour runs through the end of this month, find dates here). As stated above, I hung out with Audacity all night and that also entailed doing poppers all night. Now let’s be clear: this stuff is legal and I guess it’s meant to loosen you’re a**hole before a** sex, but you can also huff it and it makes you feel like a wacky waving inflatable ...

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EXHUMED: Lost Kids Cola Freaks EP 7"

by Todd Killings

posted Monday Apr 7th, 2014

Danish punk legends, the Lost Kids, released one of the most chill-inducing punk moments ever recorded in that fateful year of 1979, and luckily our friends at Sing Sing have bridged the financial gap for you once again, bringing this top-notch Euro punk rarity into temporary accessibility, in it's original format. With a bizarre lineup boasting such a mismatched crew of weirdos charging forth in both disco wear AND garish corpse-type makeup, these songs will burn your eyebrows right off before it even makes it to your ears. Deliciously thuggish Rezillos-style sneer gushes over the misplaced, yet perfectly-fitting, ...

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VIDEO FEED: Akron, OH Punk: It's Everything and Then It's Gone

by Todd Killings
Rubber City Rebels hangin' tough in front of The Crypt
Rubber City Rebels hangin' tough in front of The Crypt
posted Thursday Mar 13th, 2014

"East Coast, West Coast, they Can Jump In The Sea. I Don't Need No Ocean, I've Got Industry" Akron is one of the several pivotal cities from Ohio that made major waves in the 1970s rock'n roll underground. Along with Cleveland and Columbus, Akron, or 'The Rubber City' it dug it's footprint deep into the history of the era, and with such vital contributions such as DEVO, Pretenders, Rubber City Rebels, Numbers Band, The Bizarros, Tin Huey and the Waitresses as well as the esteemed Clone Records imprint in their midst, who could deny them? This week we're featuring a ...

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by Frankie F.F.

posted Thursday Dec 12th, 2013

Alas and alack, the holiday season is here, and I know a lot of you's are probably shoppin' 'til you're droppin'. Well, fellas and fillies, while you're at it, just add me to your to-do lists! If ya see any of these gems out there while you're runnin' yourselves ragged, don'tcha hesitate to grab 'em for me! Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking: "But sir, if you indeed feel that 'reading sucks', why would you ask for these books for Christmas?" Well, believe me, I got no plans to read any of 'em! But I think the covers of ...



by Frankie F.F.

"Are you ready.......for me?"
posted Friday Nov 22nd, 2013

Across the pond back in 1979, Arista Records released two punk/powerpop cash-in singles by a group called the Trainspotters. 'Cept the Trainspotters weren't really a "group" at all. English disc jockey Mike Read was actually the responsible party. He wrote the stuff, he sang the stuff, and now you're gonna hear the stuff! Presenting the B-side of the first single, "Hiring the Hall", and the A of the second one, "High Rise". Terrific shit. Download: "Hiring The Hall" Download: "High Rise" And, as a bonus, here's a clip of 'ol Mike hosting a game show called "Pop Quiz" ...



by Frankie F.F.
Quick Draw himself with Rodney B and some awesome girl in a terrible record store!
Quick Draw himself with Rodney B and some awesome girl in a terrible record store!
posted Friday Nov 15th, 2013

Okay, guys 'n gals, have y'all seen this? RAW POWER MAGAZINE Three full issues of this Los Angeles-based punk/rock fanzine, which put equal amounts of effort--and enthusiasm--into covering the sorta filth that'd appeal to both the fashionable punk brats in bondage pants and the SoCal stoners in bongwater-stained flares. Really, does it have to be either/or? "No way, dude" was the answer these kids gave, fortunately. Dictators one minute, Cheap Trick the next. KISS fans and Shock enthusiasts. Iggy and the Nuge. Ramones, Runaways, old man Fowley, fuck, even a (post-Dolls stint, pre-We Are Sexual Perverts) Blackie Lawless ...



by Frankie F.F.

posted Wednesday Oct 30th, 2013

In 1981, Bearsville Records released the terrifically titled "Girls to Chat & Boys to Bounce" album from...wait for it...Foghat. And the opening track, "Wide Boy", is a tuff powerpop number that has to be heard to be believed! Under 3 minutes? Check. Short, non-wank guitar solo? Check. Hooky, energetic, and fuckin' great? Check, check, and fuckin' check. Yep, this is Foghat, alright. As in, SlowRideFoolFortheCity Foghat! Check it out below. It'll be over before ya know it, so yer gonna want to listen to it again as soon as it's done. Awesome stuff, no joke, eat up, rock out, yer ...

continue reading AS IF "FOOL FOR THE CITY" WASN'T ENOUGH....


by Todd Killings
FURY live at The Academy of Music, NYC 1972
FURY live at The Academy of Music, NYC 1972
posted Thursday Oct 18th, 2012

Sonny Vincent is a true punk pioneer, we all know that already. But did you know how deep this man's well of punk madness really goes? Pull up a chair and get comfortable, as Sonny takes us for a ride through his world as a runaway kid in New York in the mid 1960s, up through the forging of punk in the early 1970s as his proto-punk bands, Distance, FURY, and Liquid Diamonds will soon attest. Sonny's voice has been sadly absent from all of the New York Punk biographies and oral histories, and now it's time to rectify this ...

continue reading INTERVIEW: SONNY VINCENT's FURY Tales from NYC 1972...

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